The genesis of Water Fresh Farm took place in a 7th grade science class, where Phil Todaro and Jeff Barton met as lab partners and became fast friends. Throughout high school and college, we often talked about someday going into business together. Upon graduating from college, we embarked on careers in the corporate world, but never stopped exploring ideas for starting own business.

In 1995, we learned about hydroponic greenhouse farming from a newspaper article (we wish it was from a 7th grade science project, but not to be). Intrigued, we explored the concept and its ability to provide fresh, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables to a local community. Here was a way to bring the flavor of home-grown gardens reminiscent of our childhood to Greater Boston.

The first order of business was to become proficient at hydroponic growing, so we took a class taught at the University of Arizona by Dr. Merle Jensen. Fresh with the knowledge gained from Dr. Jensen, we came back to Hopkinton and constructed the first greenhouse in 1997.

Upon celebrating our 10th anniversary in business, we began exploring expansion alternatives. It became clear that there was a need in Hopkinton for a ready supply of locally grown produce as well as freshly made meals utilizing those same local ingredients. And so, Water Fresh Farm Marketplace was born, a sanctuary for fresh produce, dairy, cheese, baked goods and meals for those who want the taste that accompanies fresh food.