For our market, we chose to build a post and beam barn that spoke to the roots of the land and local flavor of the food that would be sold in it.

To construct the barn, we selected GeoBarns, both for the quality of their craft and the fact that they use New England trained carpenters and the very finest New England lumber. Ground was broken at the end of December, 2010. 2011 began with one of the snowiest winters on record. It seemed that all we did for the month of January was shovel snow so the foundation work could be completed. TheGeoBarns crew was able to begin their work in mid-February and continued for the six months it took to erect the hand-crafted barn.

At Water Fresh Farm, our desire to be stewards of the environment extended to the barn’s red exterior and honey interior by using stain purchased from Vermont Natural Coatings, whose “green” paint products are derived from whey, a natural byproduct of Vermont’s dairy farms.

Our desire was to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in which to shop. We hope we were successful.