Our phones start ringing off the hook this time of year, with people calling to ask about our catering services. Whether it’s a graduation party, a christening, or a family reunion, we always get the same questions, the most important of which is how much food should you serve.

How many appetizers should I order per person?
A good rule of thumb if you’re serving appetizers before dinner is 4-6 pieces. If you’re having a mid-day function, followed by a meal, plan on 4-6 pieces as well per person. If you’re having an evening function without offering dinner, plan on about 10-15 pieces per person.

Remember that the length of the event can be as important as the type of event. The longer guests remain, the more food they’ll eat over time. People tend to get hungry and thirsty all over again after a few hours.

Remember, we specialize in allergy sensitive menus, and gluten-free offerings from our new catering menu.