“…we are producing eggs the old fashioned way. I think you’ll taste the difference!”
– George Bass, The Country Hen

I thought I’d use this space on Tuesdays to highlight some of the newer products we are carrying here at the Farm. So, welcome to Country Hen Organic Eggs.

At The Country Hen, based in Hubbardston, MA, they have thrown the cages away, put in windows, and use natural lighting and natural ventilation to the maximum. The hens can take sun baths, dust themselves, visit with neighbors, lay eggs in the nest, and carry on as a good hen should.

Being Certified Organic is no small feat. The Country Hen’s mill, feed, hens, and eggs are all inspected and certified annually. The feed they use must also be certified organic and those farmers they buy from use no pesticides, herbicides, and use only natural manures and rotate their crops periodically.

George Bass began his egg career as a 10 year old in 1962. I would say he knows a few things about raising hens and producing a great tasting, clean egg. Thank you, George.