As many of you know, we are highly selective in choosing our wines, searching for high value boutique wines that come from family-run wineries.  The Helix Syrah is just such a wine.  Consistently rated in the 90’s by Wine Spectator, the Helix Syrah is a medium to full bodied wine.  I’ll let the wine maker, Chuck Reininger, describe his wine…

“The nose on this lovely Syrah is absolutely captivating. The glass at first pour explodes of orange crème then settles down by introducing orchid and violet while next, just to stir the senses, throws in a peek of white pepper and sandalwood spices. This aromatic symphony of exotic flower and spice melodically persists begging the question “is it necessary to taste?” At last I do and am mesmerized by the wine’s dance of magical balance between its silky texture, fine tannins and beautiful acidity that playfully encompass a cocktail of pomegranate and blue berry cream.”

The Reininger Winery is a family run business through and through. After Chuck married Tracy Tucker,  he began experimenting with home winemaking and officially caught the “wine bug.”  His weekend hobby quickly turned into a dream to produce super-premium wines of his own: “I became obsessed with starting my own winery,” he admits.  In 1997, Chuck and Tracy Reininger launched their dream – owning a premiere winery in the Walla Walla Valley.

After building their business, the winery expanded in 2003 and Chuck and Tracy partnered with Tracy’s brothers, Jay and Cyndi Tucker, and Kelly and Ann Tucker, as well as her parents, Terry and Ronnie Tucker.  Today, Kelly Tucker serves as general manager and oversees sales and marketing.  Jay Tucker functions as tasting room director, plant manager, and grower relations contact.  Terry and Ronnie Tucker, who’ve been actively involved in both vineyard and winery projects since the 1980’s, bring an abundance of guidance and support to the organization.

Even the Helix label owes itself to the family’s heritage and farming tradition that dates back to the 1800’s.  Marvin and Erva Tucker met at Helix High School, fell in love, married, and began farming on their own.  In fact, the 2003 expansion of the Reininger Winery was made possible through the sale of Marvin and Erva’s land near Helix.

If you want to try a wine to fill your senses, the Helix Syrah will do the trick.